The rental prices are subject to change without notice and apply to renters who can prove a permanent residence or employment address outside the Netherlands. All prices are in euro's and including 19% VAT, insurance and free mileage (minibusses 250 km free per day above that € 0,26 per km.), carradio and all necessary papers te travel within Western Europe. It is not allowed to visit or drive through a former Eastblock country or a Balkan state with our rentals. A rental day is equal to a calenderday. The first and last rental day will both be charged as full days.

The cars mentioned are available in our rental program. We reserve the right to supply you with another car of the same class if the one reserved is for any reason not available. The list of cars is subject to changes without notice.

The driver / renter must be at least 21 years of age and have his / her drivers liscence at least one year.

Insurance and Own Risk

The cars are insured with an own risk of € 200,- per event. For minibusses the renter has an own risk of € 250,- per event. Your own risk includes flat and punctured tires and smashed windows up to a maximum of your own risk.


The rent is to be paid in advance or at time of receival of the rental car. We accept Eurocard / Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Diner's Club. You can also pay by bank transfer.

Delivery/Pick up

The rate for delivery and pick up of the car at Amsterdam Airport is € 39,-. The rate for delivery and pick up of the car at Rotterdam Airport is € 35,- For deliveries or pick ups between 22.30 hrs and 05.00 hrs there is an additional charge of € 39,-.

This service is only available for a minimum period of 6 days. Cars rented from 1 untill 6 days can only be picked up at the city offices.