KÖHLER CarRental is the company for your business.

A situation could occur ware you have temporary transport problems within your company.
Think of peaks in employment, temporary employment or a trial period. Köhler CarRental has standard product for this short period from 1 to 12 months: Short Lease. As an brand independent rental company for personal or commercial cars we can make you a special and fitting offer. Short lease has many possibility’s. We work with multiple dealers like: Focwa company’s and multiple national lease company’s.

What is shortlease?

Shortlease is lease agreement for your business, for leasing personal or commercial cars, more then 30 days, where you’ll get amazing daily rates. Unlike a fixed lease agreement, shortlease can be canceled early, without being charged extra. Want to know more of the possibilities of a shortlease car for your company, mail or call us for a appointment or a not binding offer.

For more information:

Tel: 070 380 9094